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Timberwovles First 10 Games: What Have We Learned?

Ten games into the season. What do we think we know?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends. We are ten games into the season, so let's take stock. What do we think we know about this year's version of our beloved puppies? I'm very tired as I write this, so help me out in the comments please.

1. Most obviously, Ricky Rubio makes a huge positive difference for this team. 4-2 with him, 0-4 without him. Whether that's because of his understated brilliance, or because of the inadequacies of his replacements or some combination thereof, I'll let you decide. My own thought it that it's a combination, but that Rubio is in fact an incredible player.

2. This team can compete when they are healthy. I really believe this. They are not a championship team, obviously, but they are capable of winning a lot of games, and I'm not sure the playoffs would be outside the bounds of possibility if they can get the health luck flowing their way.

3. A big part of the reason for this, which surprises me as much as anyone since I'm a congenital obnoxious pessimist, is Karl-Anthony Towns. Towns is going to be a star. A big star. I've never felt this certain about stardom for a Wolves rookie since...KG?  It was clear Love was a good player and might be very good--he turned out great. It was clear Rubio could play from the first day, but where his ceiling was? Not sure.  KAT...that guy is going to be a monster star.  The diversity of skills for someone who just turned 20 (Happy Birthday!) is incredible, close to unprecedented. Amazing.

4. Andrew Wiggins can carry a high usage rate and score. He's also clearly made strides defensively. Both of these are good things.

5. The 2nd unit still needs some help, and given that the Wolves start two short timers as well, this roster is no where near complete enough going forward if the goal is really to compete for titles. Whoever is running this thing for the rest of this year and then going forward is going to have to figure out how to build sustainable depth that won't hurt you in games, who is worth keeping around and who isn't, and how to acquire the needed pieces.

6. The Wolves shot selection remains pretty crappy. I will never stop hoping for that to change.

Those are the ones than jump to mind, and of course there are still plenty of things we don't know. What else have you learned/?