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Timberwolves Prepare for Back-to-Back Home Games, Steph Curry Still Attracting Lots of Attention

Despite losses, the ceiling is high for Karl-Anthony Towns and the Wolves.

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Timberwolves Talk

The Wolves dropped to 5-7 after forcing an exciting overtime Wednesday night against Orlando, and although it's disappointing for fans to see Minnesota losing games, there are plenty of silver linings. Perhaps the most encouraging are the glimpses of chemistry coming from the young guys on the roster.

With Ricky Rubio once again missing games due to nagging injuries, a lot of responsibility has been given to Zach LaVine, who has been moved around on the floor. Although some concerns about LaVine's performance still carry over from last season, he seems to have noticeably improved from his rookie year.

Britt Robson wrote an interesting piece on LaVine's performance and presented a compelling argument for him to be starting at the No. 2 spot. The guard does not fit well as the No. 1, but his play as of late argues for starting at shooting guard. Currently, LaVine is averaging 13.9 points and 3.8 assists per game; in my opinion, the future for the UCLA alum is bright.

Andrew Wiggins just continues to impress, already having two 30-plus-point games under his belt this season. Although off the court the 20-year-old carries a quiet demeanor, he's demonstrating that he can be a leader for the Wolves even at a young age.

Karl-Anthony Towns has proven in just the first 12 games of his rookie year that he was worth the No. 1 pick ... and then some. Yesterday, USA Today ranked Towns as the No. 1 rookie in the league right now, citing his  "obvious maturity, NBA readiness, and incredibly high ceiling."

Towns is averaging a double-double (15.8 pts, 10.7 rebs) and over two blocks per game. If you missed Wednesday's highlight, here's a happy reminder:

Up next, the Wolves will face Detroit this evening at Target Center and will stay at home to play Philadelphia Monday night. Both tip offs are set for 7 pm CST.

Other NBA News

Everyone is still talking about Steph Curry
In case you haven't noticed, Stephen Curry is still pretty good. In fact, the guard picked up where he left off last year with the NBA Championship and hasn't looked back. Recently, former All-Star point guard Steve Nash commented on Curry and called him one of the most skilled players in NBA history. Nash said that while he still considers LeBron James to be the best current player in the league, Curry has reached another level and just "keeps getting better."

Charles Barkley still doesn't like the Warriors
While Curry has gained the appreciation and positive attention of some, former NBA star Charles Barkley continues to dish out criticism for Curry and the Golden State team. On Wednesday, Barkley said the NBA would have "mauled" the Warriors 25 years go. He makes a good point, in that the league rules and general playing style has changed a lot from what it once was. Want to read more? Check out the article here.

Lindsey's Friday Flick Recommendation

All right, everyone. I'm running out of movie recommendations to give here ... so I'm flipping the switch for a week. If you have a favorite flick that you think I should check out, leave it in the comments section, and I will take note.

Thanks for reading, and happy weekending!