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Andrew Wiggins Highlights: 31 Points vs. Bulls

Andrew Wiggins finally had his breakout game last night against the Bulls, putting 31 on Jimmy Butler and others and helping the Wolves to their 3rd road win of the season. What did it look like?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Credit for this goes to Dawkins, who tweets at @DawkinsMTA and gets highlight packages up at Youtube with alarming rapidity and consistency.

Some things I noticed in watching this:

  • It's nice when the threes go in, isn't it? More to the point, Wiggins has to make teams pay for leaving him alone on the perimeter. Last night he did, and it makes a huge difference, not only in the score but in how teams have to defend the Wolves.
  • At about the :30 mark of the video, after he drove and finished on Mirotic, he drove and found Prince open for a jumper. Like that. Drive and kick is something that he's going to need to be effective.  Of course it helped that Doug McDermott neither collapsed on Wiggins nor stayed with Prince. What was he trying to accomplish?
  • At the 1:15 mark he drives baseline, thinks he gets fouled and doesn't get the call. Immediately at the other end he tips a ball away and winds up scoring in transition on a feed from Rubio and a patient Eurostep move. Nice.
  • The Alley-oop from Rubio at about 2:00 minutes. Tough catch and finish there--he missed a much easier one earlier in the season, and when that ball went up last night I thought it wasn't going to work. But he wound up making it look easy.
  • At the 2:40 mark in the video, with 2:25 left in the 4th, he comes off a curl on the left side and gets the pass from Rubio, continues driving to the right and winds up drawing a shooting foul.
  • The next highlight, with a minute left and the Wolves down two, they run the same action, and the Bulls expect the same thing. You can see Gibson and Noah both hedging that way. Instead, he spins back left and flushes. Awesome awareness and using the previous play to set that one up. Really good.

What caught your eye?