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Tyus Jones has Strong D-League Debut

Jones has no trouble putting points on the board in his D-League debut.

Watch the full highlights from his D League debut.

Notes from EiM:

  • Nice to see Jones get some run and put up numbers, though I suspect it says as much about the D-League as it does Jones that he can walk in and dominate.
  • I have some hope that Jones can develop into a useful back up point guard, but I'm not surprised he isn't playing with the Wolves at this point. Given his physical limitations, this is such a huge step up for him. The adjustments he's going to need to make to compete with guys who are almost all bigger and faster than he is are significant.
  • That said, I've always been a believer that smarts can take you a long way, and I get the sense that Jones is a pretty bright guy. He might not get there this year, but I think he'll play at some point.
  • I do wonder if the coaching staff thought he was more ready whether they would be more willing to move LaVine off the position.
  • We'll keep you updated on Jones' D-League exploits.