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Wolves Blow Lead, Fall to Nuggets in Overtime 111-108

We have a new leader in the worst loss of the year category. That one stings.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports


That one hurts. Holding an 18 point lead in the third quarter, the Wolves saw it evaporate under a barrage of threes by the Nuggets to see the game go to overtime, where Danilo Gallinari took over and led the Nuggets to a rare home win.

I feel bad about this one. Worse than any loss this season; it's inexcusable to lose this game, and even more it's hard to understand what the Wolves are trying to accomplish.

Tayshaun Prince and Kevin martin combined to play 75 minutes tonight, with Martin's 41 by far the most on the team. It's clearly not development given that once again Shabazz Muhammad only played 16 minutes. On the other hand, are that many minutes from those guys actually helping you win?

Everyone seems upset about Martin, but he did what he does--scored 22 on 20 shots (most on the team).  He isn't going to morph into a defensive whiz at this point in his career.

Meanwhile it sometimes feels like they are intentionally handicapping themselves. Karl-Anthony Towns wound up with 11 FGAs, but I believe only six in regulation, which is just crazy. It's like he goes off several games in a row then Mitchell remembers that rookies shouldn't get the ball or something.

That's not a fair thing to write. I'm just trying to figure it out.

This recap is going nowhere and I don't have the stomach to fix it or re-start.

Gonna bullet point it:

  • The Wolves dominated the first half a brief slow start, with Martin and Rubio especially doing business.
  • The Nuggets have shot the ball poorly all year; I suppose this was coming, but the barrage of threes in the third quarter could have waited.
  • Will Barton is a good looking player.
  • Andrew Wiggins got off to a very slow start, but picked it up especially in the 2nd half and finished with 22.
  • Ricky played a very good game, but fouled out in the end and missed the overtime. He made both his 3 point attempts, which was nice to see.
  • Regardless of whatever defensive prowess he has, Prince is problematic. 0-5 tonight including an absolutely crucial blown layup late in regulation off a beautiful feed from Rubio.
  • Kenneth Faried bullied the Wolves front court at times tonight; only his awful 6-15 free throw shooting kept him from real effectiveness.
  • Kevin Garnett became the NBA's all time leading defensive rebounder tonight, passing Karl Malone.
This one made me feel bad, so I'm going to stop it there.