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Wolves Host Denver, How do Players Develop?

The Wolves host Denver tonight at Target Center looking to get back on a winning track.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets, who administered a very tough loss to the Wolves in Denver Friday night when they came back from a huge deficit to win, are in town for the first time this season to visit the Wolves at Target Center. It's an opportunity for the Wolves, since the Nuggets played at home last night in a very tight win over the Rockets.  And by the way, Will Barton:

Anyway, a nice night to get a win.

This is going to be a short one since I'm running late, but here's my Question of the Day:

What makes for good player development in season? Sam Mitchell grumbled the other day that development doesn't happen during the season, but I'll assume he didn't really mean that, especially given his comments yesterday about how they could do better by playing the veterans 28 minutes a night, but what would that achieve?

What matters? Playing time? Do you let young guys play through mistakes or do you try to teach them responsibility by pulling them if they mess up? Flip used to say he would give young guys a little responsibility, and if they showed they could handle it, he would give them a little more.

Does winning, or at least competing, matter? They've mostly been in close games this year, unlike last year. And what about the imperative to try to win, however strongly you feel that? Should you try to instill confidence by having guys play to their strengths, or is it more important to work on weaknesses?

Are the Wolves doing a good job in this area, or are the lacking? Does it vary player to player? How can we tell?

Today in history

533: Byzantines defeat Vandals at Battle of Ticameron
1612: Simon Marius observes Andromeda Galaxy through a telescope
1791: 1st U.S. Law School established at UPENN; meaning the unending plague of lawyers started in Philly. Still, good cheesesteaks. 
1791: Bill of Rights ratified with Virginia's approval, making it Amendments 1-10 of the Constitution. 
1792: 1st life insurance policy issued, also in Philadelphia. Damn, that city has things to answer for. 
1854: 1st street cleaning machine used guessed it, Philadelphia
1877: Thomas Edison patents phonograph
1893: Dvorak's "From the New World" premieres at Carnegie Hall
1916: Battle of Verdun ends in French victory
1938: Groundbreaking for Jefferson Memorial in DC
1939: Gone with the Wind premieres in Atlanta
1948: Alger Hiss indicted for perjury
1961: Adolph Eichmann convicted in Israel of crimes against humanity 
1973: APA declares homosexuality is not a mental illness. Big of them, don't you think? 
1995: European Court issues Bosman Ruling for footballers--similar to the Messerschmidt case in that it grants free agency for out of contract players.

No musical birthday to day. Not feeling anyone on the list.