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Jazz at Timberwolves Game #32

The Wolves see the Jazz for the first time this season at Target Center.

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Jazz at Wolves
7:00 pm CST
FS North

The Jazz come in to this one at 13-16, which sounds like a somewhat disappointing record for a team that finished last season so well and were seen as one of the real up and coming teams in the Western Conference. On the other hand, that's good for 8th in the conference at the moment, and the Jazz have suffered a disappointing number of key injuries to their young talent, which remains impressive.

Dante Exum will be out for the entire year following a torn ACL. Rudy Gobert remains out with an ankle problem that has limited him to 14 games so far this season. Alec Burks is set to miss considerable time following an injury, and Derrick Favors has missed the last two games with back problems and is questionable for tonight.

Given that, the Jazz have made some progress this season. Favors in particular has stepped his game up over the last couple of seasons, with better efficiency, fewer turnovers, and higher usage combining to make him one of the top power forwards in the West. They are also getting star level wing play from Gordon Hayward, and improvements from several secondary youngsters like Rodney Hood, Trey Burke, and Jeff Withey, along with the now injured Burks.

The Jazz are in total average on both sides of the ball. They play at the slowest pace in the league, so the Wolves should look to quicken things up especially with Rubio on the floor. Early offense is something they will probably need to score against the Jazz.

Another factor is going to be who gets into foul trouble the most and earliest. The Jazz draw a lot of fouls, and do a ton of fouling themselves, so the battle of the free throw line as well as keeping guys in the game is going to be something to watch for especially early in this one.

Especially if Favors is not available tonight, this is an eminently winnable game for the Wolves who find those in short supply during this part of the schedule. They really need to show that they can take advantage, especially when facing a short handed team at home. These are games they should be winning, and their failure to do so through much of the season so far has been a disappointment.

Hopefully they can start turning it around tonight.

Expected Lineups


Raul Neto
Rodney Hood
Gordon Hayward
Trey Lyles
Jeff Withey


Ricky Rubio
Andrew Wiggins
Tayshuan Prince
Kevin Garnett
Karl-Anthony Towns

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