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Blazers at Timberwolves Game #19

The Wolves look to get back on the winning track against the Blazers at Target Center tonight. I'll be up in section 208 if you want to say hello.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Blazers at Wolves

7:00 pm CST

FS North

The Wolves host the Blazers for the 2nd time this season and will look to even the season series after losing a tight one in their first meeting. As you probably know, I'll be there in section 208 with a bunch of other Hoopus denizens if you want to stop by to say hello.

The Western Conference, after the top two (Warriors and Spurs) is incredibly congested, with the next 11 teams ranging between 11 and 7 wins. The Wolves currently sit in the 9th spot with an 8-10 record, while the Blazers come in 10th at 8-12, coming off an impressive home win against the Indiana Pacers.

The Blazers are heavily reliant on the backcourt pairing of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum for their scoring; those two combine for 45 points a game. It's worked for them offensively as they are in the top 10 in the league, take the 4th most threes and make them at an above average rate. It's defensively where they have struggled, and the Wolves need to figure out how to score against a team that struggles to get stops.

Hopefully the Wolves will be able to get to the free throw line tonight, as that's an area where the Blazers have sometimes struggled. In the first meeting, Damian Lillard had a huge game with 34 points, and though the Blazers only shot 9-30 from three, the Wolves shot even worse-43% from the field and 2-13 from three. It was a rough night for Andrew Wiggins, who was still feeling the effects of a back injury. The Wolves did get to the line 39 times that night, and will need to improve their finishing in this one.

I'm looking forward to seeing a game live, even from the cheap seats, and if you are coming, I look forward to meeting you. Should be a fun night. With a win at the end of it please.

Expected lineups


Damian Lillard

C.J. McCollum

Al-Farouq Aminu

Mason Plumlee

Noah Vonleh


Ricky Rubio

Kevin Martin

Andrew Wiggins

Kevin Garnett

Karl-Anthony Towns

Our blogging buddies are over at Blazers Edge. Be excellent.

No no and no.

Enjoy the game. Chat here. Go Wolves.