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Teams are interested in Shabazz Muhammad but the Timberwolves are hesitant to let him go

For a team so deep at the wing position, you feel like maybe they are just waiting for the right offer?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

What would it take to get a deal done?

(h/t Woj bomb)

(ED NOTE from EiM) A couple of things on this:

  • How deep at the wings are they, really? Wiggins and LaVine (in theory) are there, but their other two guys are almost certainly short-timers Tayshaun Prince and Kevin Martin.
  • That said...I presume he isn't completely untradable.  "Unwilling" could be a negotiating stance so far away from the trade deadline.
  • It seems as if the coaching staff is not too enamored. His minutes have been pretty limited this year and he clearly doesn't have as long a leash as, say, LaVine does. This might be for good reason, but it would be hard to come to any other conclusion but that he isn't really a Mitchell favorite.
  • Which might be the right position. He showed off some intriguing skills last season, but has regressed in some areas this year and even last season, given how poor his defense was and his lack of secondary skills, he might not actually have been helping at all.
  • Some of the younger guys are not going to be part of the future. Figuring out which ones is the issue. It's certainly possible Muhammad isn't one of them.
  • Still, one presumes teams are calling because the Wolves aren't playing him much and they might think the Wolves don't value him much. Which, they might not, but they absolutely shouldn't give him away. He isn't due a raise for a couple of years, and they have time.
  • Certainly though one could imagine him as part of a deal at some point this season. The Wolves need more three point shooting, a back up point guard they will actually use there, and perhaps some depth at the power forward spot.
  • What, if any, moves the Wolves make this year will be interesting. Does Milt Newton have the go ahead to make deals? Will they make decisions and act on any of the young guys? Will Martin be tradeable?
What would you want back for Muhammad?