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Play One-Day Fantasy Basketball, Win Thousands

FanDuel has tournaments costing as little as $1 to enter that can result in big payoffs if you win.

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Join FanDuel and enter their $2 one-day tournament with a $10,000 first prize.

If you are not already a member of FanDuel, you can sign up here and get a 100% deposit bonus up to $200. Not bad.

Meanwhile, I continue to hang in there by the skin of my teeth. I think I've figured out my problem, though how to solve it I'm not sure: I tend to pick cheaper guys in these tournaments that are less likely to have huge variance in their values. This is obviously not a great strategy for getting into the bigger money, higher finishes. It does allow me to scrape into the bottom of the money spots sometimes.

At any rate, a big slate of 12 games tonight, including the Warriors at Wolves; the big question being which of the Splash Brothers is likely to have a bigger game, and will either of them play enough to make putting them on my FanDuel team worth it?

Most of the big stars are playing tonight, making picking the right 2 or 3 vital, though I expect Anthony Davis to sit tonight (making Ryan Anderson a decent value play). But the Thunder guys are playing, the Splash Bros., James Harden coming off an insane night, the Cleveland guys.

Ugh. Gonna be tough to pick a lineup tonight.

But it should be fun.

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts my own. FanDuel gave me some money to play their games.