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All-Star Saturday Night Feat. Zach LaVine Dunks

The three point shooting contest, skills challenge, and dunk contest are tonight. Talk about them here.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Silver Press Conference
6:00 pm CST

All-Star Saturday Night
Shooting Stars
Skills Challenge
3 Point Shooting Contest
Dunk Contest

7:00 pm CST

This is your open thread for Saturday night's happenings.

Should be interesting to see what Adam Silver has to say tonight: recently he has talked about working on the schedule to reduce back to backs and eliminate four games in five nights.

Meanwhile, the Union just elected LeBron James as Vice President and rejected the owners' proposal to "smooth" the cap increases that are coming with the new television contracts that will take effect for the 2016-17 season. I don't know what the proposal was, but my guess is that it pushed most of the increase back as opposed to forward and probably didn't account for the time value of money.

That doesn't mean that the owners can't make another proposal; we'll see what happens. I'm planning to write about the pending cap increases and other CBA issues this week in further detail.

After that, the fun starts. I guess.

The three point shootout should be pretty good this year--a bunch of really great shooters. Gotta figure Kyle Korver as the favorite, but really it's anybody's game.

The dunk contest has been pretty grim in recent years, but will hopefully get a shot in the arm from Zach LaVine this year. He's got to be the odds on favorite to win, and Andrew Wiggins promised us something amazing from LaVine tonight. He certainly can dunk.

Anyway, relax and enjoy the festivities if that's your thing. Chat here.