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Thursday Therapy: Trade Talk

It's the trade deadline! Many hours of possible madness, and the Wolves might just be part of it.

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KG and Thad: possibly switching places.
KG and Thad: possibly switching places.
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, and welcome to your therapy session for this Thursday morning. Today, we're going to talk about your deep, repressed memories of the most successful seasons in Minnesota Timberwolves history and the key player of those seasons, one Kevin Garnett. If you hadn't already heard, rumors surfaced last night that have a trade of Garnett for Thaddeus Young on the table, if Garnett is willing to waive his no-trade clause. Nothing is certain about this trade, and the basketball wisdom of the move is absolutely questionable, but the sentimental value of such a move is pretty clear. For more, check Eric's summary from last night.

Throughout the day today, we'll do our best to keep this article updated as kind of a running ticker of non-Wolves moves around the league as they happen. Any moves that the Wolves make, Garnett or otherwise, will get their own articles, because they are special and unique and not like anyone else. The Wolves have allegedly been looking for deals for Chase Budinger and Gary Neal, and possibly Anthony Bennett as well. Kevin Martin's been mentioned, but mostly in "he's not moving at all" scenarios. Lots of maybes out there. Non-Minnesota players of note that may be on the move today include:

  • Goran Dragic, PHX: Dragic has been widely reported and now quoted as being unhappy with his position in Phoenix and his relationship with the front office there. His status as a free agent in the coming summer puts some question marks in any move, but if he's willing to sign a max five-year deal with the team he's traded to, it could be a great bit of business, while risky. Yahoo's summary is here. The Suns may also still be looking at deals for Isaiah Thomas, but if Dragic is moved, those become less likely unless another point guard is incoming. Probably. Marc Stein of ESPN also reported that Miles Plumlee could be attached to a Dragic deal if the value is right.
  • Ty Lawson, DEN: According to ESPN, Denver wants to move Lawson and is looking at the Pacers' George Hill as a replacement. The Nuggets have also been exploring Arron Afflalo's trade value (to Portland?), and could move pretty much anyone.
  • Larry Sanders, MIL: The Bucks are likely to buy out Sanders' contract and make him a free agent. He hasn't played in several weeks due to a suspension for marijuana use, but if he can right his personal life, he's a valuable player for some team. Details from ESPN are here.
  • Reggie Jackson, OKC: Jackson's role with the Thunder hasn't been clearly defined this year, and he has made it clear he wants a starting role on a team, which won't happen with OKC. Jackson's set to be an RFA this summer and has made noises that he could sign the qualifying offer and bet on himself in 2016 free agency, which makes him another risky bet. And signing him to an extension could be tricky, as Sam Amick of USA Today noted. The 4 year/$48 million offer from the Thunder that he turned down is on par with Kemba Walker's salary.

Music for the day's nice and chill, from John Butler. Enjoy. All updates will go below the song, and I (or someone else) will note in the comments when things happen.


8:33am: Eric had this find about a Thad deal that almost went down (from the comments):

Also, Key has a piece about the angles of the theoretical Garnett trade up here. -DN


10:16am: The Brook Lopez to OKC/Reggie Jackson to Brooklyn deal is potentially back on. Windhorst has the teams looking for a third team to expand the deal.

And Woj has the KG deal possibly merging into this deal, with Philly in to sniff out more second round picks.


10:30am: Woj has Afflalo to Portland done, details below. Deal also includes Thomas Robinson to Denver. Pick is 2016-17 lottery protected (turns into two 2nds if not conveyed by then).


10:58am: First reported by Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post, Woj now has JaVale McGee and a first round pick (from OKC) headed to the 76ers from the Nuggets. Busy day in Denver, and that seems like Hinkie getting a hell of a deal, again.

And before I can get done typing that, Woj has Washington trading Andre Miller to Sacramento for Ramon Sessions. This is starting to turn into a crazy day.


1:56pm: Quick bursts because they all just happened. Dragic to MIA; Jackson to DET; Kanter, Singler to OKC; Perkins to UTA; Young to PHI; Garnett to MIN. Those last two may be discussed on these pages for a few days to come. Your official Garnett story is here. See you there.


2:01pm: NOT DONE YET! Stein, among many others, has probably the craziest, out of nowhere trade of the deadline. Just gonna leave the tweet.

This tweet is now slightly out of date. See below!


2:18pm: After the heat death of the universe just occurred on my timeline, I'm going to try and track down all of the deals that beat the buzzer. That was the single most unbelievable 20 minutes of basketball news I've ever seen.

To MIN: Kevin Garnett // To BKN: Thaddeus Young

To MIA: Goran Dragic, Zoran Dragic // To PHX: Danny Granger, Justin Hamilton, John Salmons // To NOP: Shawne Williams, Norris Cole

To OKC: Enes Kanter, Kyle Singler, DJ Augustin, Steve Novak // To UTA: Kendrick Perkins // To DET: Reggie Jackson

To MIL: Michael Carter-Williams, Tyler Ennis, Miles Plumlee // To PHX: Brandon Knight, Marcus Thornton, 2016 1st (CLE) // To PHI: lots of picks, inc 2016 1st (LAL via PHX, top-5 protected) // To BOS: Isaiah Thomas

To PHI: Isaiah Canaan // To HOU: K.J. McDaniels

To NYK: Alexey Shved // To HOU: two 2nds + one 2nd (DEN), Pablo Prigioni

To DET: Tayshaun Prince // To BOS: Jonas Jerebko, Luigi Datome

Sources, in case you didn't know: WojMarc SteinSam AmickDavid Aldridge

By my count, that's seventeen of the thirty teams that made moves today alone. Here's a table with teams and their new additions (not including picks). If you see errors, let me know. I'm still trying to track everything down.

Detroit Boston Houston New York Phoenix Philadelphia Milwaukee Oklahoma City Utah Miami New Orleans Minnesota Brooklyn Sacramento Washington Denver Portland
Tayshaun Prince Jonas Jerebko K.J. McDaniels Alexey Shved Marcus Thornton Isaiah Canaan Michael Carter-Williams Enes Kanter Kendrick Perkins Goran Dragic Shawne Williams Kevin Garnett Thaddeus Young Andre Miller Ramon Sessions Will Barton Arron Afflalo
Reggie Jackson Luigi Datome Pablo Prigioni Brandon Knight JaVale McGee Tyler Ennis Kyle Singler Zoran Dragic Norris Cole Victor Claver Alonzo Gee
Isaiah Thomas Danny Granger Miles Plumlee D.J. Augustin
Justin Hamilton Steve Novak
John Salmons


Woj summed that up best. I'll keep updating this as more details roll in.