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Timberwolves in Dallas, Rubio Set for Return

The Wolves travel to Dallas to take on the Mavs tonight in what will hopefully include the return of Ricky Rubio to the lineup.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks currently sit at 32-17, which puts them 6th in the Western Conference. Read that sentence again. Brutal.

Following their winning visit to Minnesota nearly two weeks ago, the Mavs proceeded to lose four games in a row before recovering with road wins in Miami and Orlando this weekend.

In two games so far this season, the Wolves have not come close to slowing the Mavericks' 3rd rated offense. The Mavs posted efg% of .596 and .586 in the two match ups, winning both easily.

Tonight, however, the Mavs will be without starting point guard Rajon Rondo, who has a head injury, and Chandler Parsons (who went a mere 9-13 against the Wolves at Target Center) is questionable due to illness.

More happily, Ricky Rubio is expected to play for the first time since injuring his ankle in November against Orlando. Having our point guard and talisman back, even if his minutes are limited and he isn't quite in game shape yet, should make things much more enjoyable.

We will hopefully get to see things start to take shape as far as (sic) how the team might look going forward.

At least we should get to see some more consistent basketball.

Meanwhile, Ricky had this to say:

This is about the Super Bowl, which I did not watch, (successfully completing my 3rd straight season of watching absolutely zero football), but I saw a lot of similar tweets. The Seahawks screwed up is what I gleaned.

Today in History

1536: Pedro de Mendoza founds Buenos Aires
1709: Alexander Selkirk rescued after being marooned on an island for 5 years
1848: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends Mexican-American War; U.S. acquires most of Southwest.
1863: Samuel Clemens uses the pen name Mark Twain for first time
1887: First Groundhog Day observed in Punxatawny, PA.
1901: Queen Victoria's funeral
1922: Joyce's Ulysses published in Paris
1933: Hitler dissolves Reichtag 2 days after becoming Chancellor
1943: German 6th Army surrenders at Battle of Stalingrad
1971: Idi Amin ousts Milton Obote, becomes dictator of Uganda
1972: British Embassy in Dublin burned by protesters after "Bloody Sunday" left 13 Irish dead

Today's musical birthday is jazz saxophonist Stan Getz, born in 1927 (d. 1991).