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Power Rankings Roundup: Hope Springs Eternal

The Timberwolves are last in most of the power rankings around the web, but Ricky Rubio is back, throwing dimes and showing a reinvented jumper. Check out the happy vibes below.

Pek wants to give you a hug too.
Pek wants to give you a hug too.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A 1-2 week and a hard-fought loss to the Cavaliers was not enough to drag the Minnesota Timberwolves off the bottom of this week's edition of Power Rankings. But, the bright side's starting to show.

CBS Sports: #24 (up 5)

(full rankings here)

Matt Moore of CBS had the biggest (and only) jump of any outlet, with the Wolves all the way up at 24 between the Nuggets and 76ers. He had this to say:

It turns out when their third (Kevin Martin) and fourth-best (Nikola Pekovic) players are healthy, this team isn't bad. Andrew Wiggins is absolutely pulverizing the Rookie of the Year Award right now.

NBC ProBasketballTalk: #30 (no change)

(full rankings here)

Kurt Helin of NBC has positive thoughts for the Wolves moving forward:

Don’t expect them to stay on the bottom long, not with Ricky Rubio close to returning to the lineup (possibly Monday), along with Kevin Martin and Nicola Pekovic. Those three take Minnesota out of the pushover category and will get them a few wins, along with Andrew Wiggins’ improved play.

ESPN: #30 (no change)

(full rankings here)

While Marc Stein of ESPN kept us at the back, he was in Dallas for Rubio's return last night, as he commented in the article:

The committee (of one) catches a break. We happen to be in town and thus bound for press row Monday night to see Ricky Rubio's return after a 42-game absence. With Rubio healthy and all the Wolves' potential trade chips, they are as watchable as any eight-win team can possibly be.

SBNation: #30 (down 3)

(full rankings here)

Drew Garrison of SBN had the biggest drop, citing the loss to Philadelphia earlier this week:

The Timberwolves drop to the bottom of the pack with a loss to the 76ers. Andrew Wiggins had his "revenge" game against the Cavaliers, dropping a career-high 33 points. Ricky Rubio is expected to return to action Monday, though, so there's a bright side.


While three of the four main outlets have the Wolves last this week as opposed to two during last week's rock bottom edition, the consistent theme is that the trio of Rubio, Pek and Martin is back, and the Wolves won't be spending much more time on the bottom of the food chain. Even if trades come in for any of the Wolves' main rotation players (i.e. Mo Williams), the pieces are there for them to at least play competitive basketball for the rest of the season, even if they accrue more wins than losses. Games like last night's game at Dallas seem much more likely than some of the calamitous beatdowns of the previous weeks.

The Wolves have a Miami team who is vulnerable at point guard on Wednesday. Then, the Grit'n'Grind juggernaut comes to the Twin Cities on Friday. Lastly, they face a Pistons team who lost their starting point guard for the year not too long ago. I'm looking forward to seeing how Rubio deals with Mike Conley on Friday. Good vibrations, people.