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Thursday Therapy: Jet Lag

I suspect I'm not the only one staying up past their supposed bedtime to watch the Timberwolves on their West Coast swing this week, and the Wolves themselves looked pretty lagged out last night. Let's get some rest in Therapy today.

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Good morning, and welcome to the ever-so-comfortable couch in the Thursday Therapy room. Your eyelids might feel a little heavy this morning, and that's just fine. Let's get moving on news and notes so we can all sneak a nap in between things today.

Last Night

  • The Timberwolves lost to the Phoenix Suns, 106-97. New Wolf Justin Hamilton had a solid night with 15 points, but pretty much everyone else was out of sorts in one way or another. This last month of both a physically and mentally draining season for the team will have some games like this. Eric's recap has more details from the game.
  • The game media roundup from last night: HomeStrib recap from Jerry Zgoda | NeutralAP recap by Jose Romero | Away: Bright Side of the Sun recap from Dave King | Arizona Republic recap from Paul Coro

News, Notes, Links

  • William Bohl at A Wolf Among Wolves takes a very interesting look at the Wolves' three primary point guards this season: Rubio, Williams, LaVine. Not everything is quite as you'd expect.
  • Zach Harper at CBS has an extended piece on Andrew Wiggins's defensive work this season, with specific focus on his recent games defending James Harden, Jimmy Butler and Chris Paul/Jamal Crawford. Lots of video in this.
  • Britt Robson at MinnPost on the problem of Pek.
  • At Grantland, power broker agent Arn Tellem has a plan to fix the D-League.
  • Also at Grantland, in an article that will likely prove unpopular around these parts for reasons, Ben Detrick presents Nerlens Noel's case for Rookie of the Year.
  • Around the league last night: There were some weird scores, and I have lots of League Pass to catch up on this afternoon. The ESPN games both had some fun, with the Clippers beating OKC and Chris Paul out-PG-ing Russell Westbrook, followed by the Blazers beating the Rockets, which featured COREY BREWER (caps necessary), who scored 17 of his 23 in the 4th to keep the game close at the end. | In the biggest surprises from last night: The Nuggets stomped the Hawks, and the Celtics outlasted the Grizzlies in Jeff Green's return.
  • Around the tank last night: The Wolves lost, as noted earlier. | It took the Bulls overtime to beat the 76ers (?!?!?!). | The Lakers and Knicks were both off. These four teams, barring losing runs from the Magic or Kings (and winning runs by everyone else) are pretty much locked into the top four odds in the lottery. The order will be the key. Current standings:

Team Record GB
Knicks 12-51 --
76ers 14-49 2.0
Timberwolves 14-50 2.5
Lakers 17-46 5.0

  • Next up: The Wolves get the Oklahoma City Thunder and Russell Westbrook, who, after getting run around by CP3 last night, is probably not in a very good mood with humanity. Take shelter on Friday night.

Tunes and Fun

I labeled today's picture as "Caption Contest". Enjoy yourselves in the comments. Today's music is long but delightful, from John Butler. Enjoy your nap.