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Timberwolves Notes: No Saunders, Pitched Battle for Worst Record Continues

A few quick morning notes.

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Just a couple of morning notes to get you started:

For those of you who are following the race to the bottom, the Knicks actually beat the Spurs last night in overtime. Several big plays from old friend Alexey Shved helped the Knicks cause. I really hope he's in the NBA next year.

Gregg Popovich had this to say afterwards:

"We didn't respect the game, we didn't respect our opponent," said Popovich, whose Spurs led by as much as 13 in the third quarter. "It was a pathetic performance and I hope that every player is embarrassed. Not because 'we are supposed to win the game' but it is about how you play the game."

"I thought their movement and unselfishness was great," Popovich said of the Knicks. "Their juice and competitiveness was better than ours. They respected the game. They got rewarded for it. So I am happy for them. It will help them get through the rest of the year.

That means the Knicks are even with the Wolves for least wins on the season, with tomorrow's match up at Madison Square Garden looming large.

Let me take this opportunity to say I still hope the Wolves get it together and win a bunch of games down the stretch. This isn't the Knicks or Sixers where none or almost none of the guys playing are going to be around over the next few seasons. The Wolves still need to establish something with this group.

Tonight, of course, the Wolves are in Toronto. No Flip Saunders, as he is back in Cleveland with his family. Sam Mitchell has the reins for tonight, and presumably at least Ricky Rubio will be back on the court; don't know about the other day to day guys.

This is a big one for Andrew Wiggins, a Toronto native playing his first NBA game back in his hometown. I suspect he will look to impress tonight, so that's something to watch.

For those of you who sensibly avoid college basketball, the (real) tournament starts tomorrow, so if you want to get a look at the guys who might become Timberwolves in the future, it's your last chance of the season. Meanwhile, Madison Dan set up a contest for us on the front page. Pick players and win! (Nothing).

That's it. Just needed a fresh thread.

Musical Birthday is Wilson Pickett, born in 1941 (d. 2006)

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