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NCAA Tournament Notes, NBA Rookies Shining

Fresh Thread! Get your fresh thread here!

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Just a quick thread while I decide whether it's worth watching Spurs this morning after last week's debacle at Old Trafford. Sigh. I probably will.

The NCAA tournament is in full swing, obviously. The round of 32 is today and tomorrow. It's amazing how poor the basketball is much of the time. Nobody can score, the shot clock is a joke, and the officiating...oy. That said, it's still exciting to watch a one-and-done tournament, and there were plenty of close games over the first two days.

Meanwhile, we still have the Cains bracket group on ESPN (I'm doing HORRIBLY), and the "pick-the-points" game Madison Dan is running for us (I'm doing pretty well!).

Not much happening NBA wise today--best game is probably Utah and Golden State, but that's a super late start. Portland is at Memphis as well.

Kevin Durant has been shut down due to his foot problem, and the Thunder say there is no timetable. If he misses the rest of the season and playoffs, then he does. The pain lingers.

Elfrid Payton had a triple double in a Magic win over the Blazers last night--it's probably too late but both he and Nerlens Noel are making runs at Rookie of the Year. Regardless of the award, which, who cares, this rookie class is beginning to look somewhat tasty even with injuries to two of the top seven picks. Including Noel and Nikola Mirotic (rookies from previous drafts) and there is some real talent here.

That's it. Just wanted to give you all a fresh thread. Because you deserve it.

Today's musical birthday is Son House, born in 1902 (d. 1988)

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