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Thursday Therapy: Hangover

You know the morning after a night that started out looking pretty good, then turned to absolute hot garbage? Here we are. Welcome to Thursday Therapy.

No, Flip, I'll talk to them about the...consequences. This is my disappointed face.
No, Flip, I'll talk to them about the...consequences. This is my disappointed face.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

That headache you feel? Sensitivity to bright lights and loud sounds? That's what happens after the Minnesota Timberwolves take a loss like they did last night, to a Denver Nuggets team with an interim head coach on a back-to-back in Minnesota. It was a bad night last night, so let's work our way past it together. News, notes, links and shenanigans like a good morning cup of coffee. Shall we?

  • Let's go right ahead and be done with that. Although you've almost definitely read the pieces already on this site, I want to highlight John's excellent work on Breaking Down the Wolves so far: Part IPart IIPart III. If you've missed any, get caught up before parts IV and V drop.
  • Adreian Payne's had some time to get settled in with the big kids and people are starting to take a look. Zach's extremely detailed look from earlier this week is very high quality, and the folks over at Upside & Motor also took a look at the Payne game. Payne's actual basketball game has really started to grow on me the more I see of it, and I'm excited to see what he can turn into over the rest of the year.

The Wolves have two days off before their next game (against Portland on Saturday), which should be good for Kevin Martin and Nikola Pekovic to move closer to health, as well as all the other more long-term injuries on the roster. Stay happy this morning, and thank Michael Beasley for your song of the morning. I couldn't resist. (Also, this song is 15 years old (!))