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Canis Hoopus Music: Northern Edition.

I recently saw an article on Rolling Stone's highlighting the best songs about the South. They did a good job with it I thought and it kind of got me to thinking about, you know, songs about the North. In fact, I have assembled a few for your enjoyment.

Before I get started on great songs about the North I'll link the inspiring Rolling Stone article. It is, after all, only fair. Ok, now that that's out of the way let's move forward with some great songs about life in a Northern town....

ok, that one just kind of fell into my lap as I was wrting this intro. In fact, I spent some time thinking aboout this earlier today as I was picking up dog poop and I didn't even think of this 1980's classic. Let's move forward and see if I can remember any of the songs I did think of.

I'll start things off with a pretty obvious one. Who say's Dylan can't sing?

One of my favorites. Next I'll share a song that for some reason sticks in my mind as being the first song ever played on the Current. I also remember tuning in at exactly that moment to here it. Typing this out makes it seem unlikely doesn't it? It's probably more likely that this was simply the first song I personally heard on the Current. Regardless it's a pretty cool song about living in the North.

I bet that one got your head shaking a little. Next up I will go back towards a pretty obvious one. I had some internal questions on which of the many theme appropriate Neil Young songs to use here but in the end I think I knew it would always be Helpless.

So great. Let's stay with the Last Waltz for a few minutes shall we?

And now for something a little different. Who says classic cowboy singers can't sing about Michigan and Alaska?

I guess as long as we are traveling up to the arctic we might as well get this one out of the way:

Wherever did Led Zepplin get the idea to play music like that? Oh yeah.... Here is some classic Chicago style blues meant to cool you down and heat you up.

I'll end with a couple of songs that are bound to bring back memories of the much beloved First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis- at least for me.

Wow, I can't imagine much worse that being stuck up in Osseo.

Anyway, that's what I came up with. How about you? What songs about the North get stuck in your head?