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Minnesota Timberwolves: Weekly Story Roundup

A few links from the past week about our beloved puppies.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

This is a sponsored weekly post in which I will link the best Timberwolves' stories of the week.

Britt Robson reminds us that we have something to look forward to next season beyond a shiny new draft pick: The return of a healthy Shabazz Muhammad, who showed a terrific desire and ability to score this year. There is a Q and A portion of the article in which Bazz says he's looking forward to getting on the court with Ricky Rubio and Andrew Wiggins, that he plans to return this summer to the training that got him in such good shape last year, and that working on his defense will be a main priority.

Over at Punch-Drunk Wolves, Andy despairs over another late-season collapse/tank-a-thon, and speculates that the Wolves might try to trade into Karl-Anthony Towns or Jahlil Okafor if they can't draft one of them with their pick. This is an interesting line of thought; Andy's position is they are set at the wings and have a point guard, but have huge needs inside. I agree that they need interior help, though am less sure that they are set at the wings.

Steve McPherson caught up with David Thorpe to talk about Andrew Wiggins' development in the wake of Flip Saunders' comments about the importance (or lack thereof) of his three point shooting game. This is something that we covered extensively yesterday, but Thorpe has some good thoughts.

Ricky Rubio says being healthy is his first priority this summer, and feels that he owes the Wolves a lot after missing most of this year with ankle problems. So much so that he is considering not playing for the Spanish National Team this summer, which would be a first for him; he's always played internationally when able.

The Wolves recently signed former Syracuse player Arinze Onuaku for the rest of the season. This article goes back to February, when he was interviewed and talked about life in the D-League.

Back later with a game thread for the Lakers.Have a great weekend.