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Timberwolves Weekly Story Roundup

A few Timberwolves stories from around the web that caught my eye.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Here are a few stories from the past week from around the internets that caught my eye:

Phil Ervin wrote about the likelihood of Flip Saunders coaching the Wolves again next season for Fox Sports. Nothing in the piece suggested anything but what we expect: Flip will almost certainly be back at the helm for another year.  Final quote in the piece: "I'm the coach until I tell you I'm not the coach."

Fantastic news.

Ben Golliver, who started the most recent firestorm about Flip not valuing the three by tweeting out a partial quote in which Flip suggested he didn't want threes to be a major part of Andrew Wiggins' game, wrote more extensively about this issue for Sports Illustrated. Like most of us, he thinks it's unwise to limit the three ball.  We need moar threes.

It's always worth listening to the Punch-Drunk Wolves occasional podcast; in this one they talk about the season and several of the young players the Wolves will be counting on going forward. Maybe someday they will invite me on as a guest. A guy can dream, can't he?

HGH testing for NBA players will begin next season after an agreement was reached on the issue between the NBA and NBPA. My understanding is that HGH is primarily a recovery tool as opposed to more traditional performance enhancer, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable can fill me in.

Flip Saunders insists that he would make the Garnett trade again despite the fact that KG has played in only five games since the deal. He insists that Garnett has had a positive impact despite being sidelined, and reiterates that he expects Garnett to decide to return for another season.

Playoffs start tomorrow, schedule is on

Have a good Friday. We'll have a playoff thread tomorrow.