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Pekovic to have surgery; out indefinitely

Procedure is latest attempt to get the oft-injured big man back on the court

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The debridement procedure has two different possibilites; the understanding is Pekovic will undergo the first, which is to remove the damaged part of his achilles tendon, then stitch the remainder into what will hopefully function as a full ligament.

As I said on Twitter earlier today, this sounds distressingly Brandon Roy-ish. Half of Pek's achilles is being removed. That's not something that ever just...gets better.

As the Wolves have made dozens of other attempts at prolonging Pekovic's playing days to no avail....including targeted workouts, special shoes, and minutes's probably not unrealistic to think of this as a last resort, and for Pekovic's career....however be on the line. Pek has the Yao Ming problem - a lot of mass on a (relatively speaking) unathletic frame. Pounding that much weight down on his legs on a nightly basis triggered a long series of chronic leg problems for Yao that ultimately forced him into early retirement, and that same pattern is taking hold with Pekovic now.

Should Pekovic return to the court, my greatest hope is he avoids the low post beatings by embracing his inner Mehmet Okur and starts using that oft-rumored three point shot.