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NBA Playoffs: Celtics-Cavs, Wizards-Raptors, Mavs-Rockets

Three games on the slate for day four of the NBA playoffs.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Celtics at Cavs 
6:00 pm CDT

The Cavs took care of a feisty Celtics team in game one because, well, they're better. That didn't magically change over the last couple of days, and there is no reason to think we will get a different result.  The Celtics had a hot shooting start in game one, but ultimately too much firepower for the Cavs overtook them as the Celts faded offensively in the 2nd half.

Wizards at Raptors
7:00 pm CDT

The Wizards are the only road team with a win in the playoffs so far, beating Toronto in game one in overtime. The Raps offense looked particularly feeble in the half-court, and they will have to figure out a way to score if they want to win this series. Game one was, frankly, poorly played on both sides; I'm hoping for better tonight.

Mavs at Rockets
8:30 pm CDT

The Rockets overwhelmed the Mavs in Game one, in large part behind a foul plagued Dwight Howard, who the Mavs had no answer for when he was in the game. If he's able to stay out of foul trouble and give the Rockets 30 minutes, I'd expect more of the same, though Rick Carlisle may be the best coach in the league at making adjustments and figuring out ways to compete, even when it seems like the Mavs are undermanned.  Still, the combination of three point shooting and rebounding that the Rockets come with, as well as the pace at which they play, is probably too much for Dallas.

Enjoy the games. Chat about them here.