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Blazers Rout Timberwolves 116-91

In what was a pretty perfect example of Timberwolves basketball this season, the Wolves were completely outclassed by the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland tonight by a final score of 116-91.

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Another road game, another blow out for the Wolves, who fell to Portland 116-91.

This one a near Platonic example of Timberwolves "basketball" in 2015. Awful offense with no spacing, bad shooting, and not enough three pointers. Disastrous defense that was constantly scrambling a step behind the play, and utterly dumbfounded by such complications as a side pick and roll. Add in a bit of lousy rebounding, and we've achieved ideal Wolves.

The Blazers got out to a quick 12-3 lead, and more or less toyed with the Wolves from there. They maintained a ten point lead until late in the 2nd quarter, when another run put them up 19 at halftime, after which it was entirely academic.

The Wolves had no offense outside of Andrew Wiggins' post-ups tonight, and even that dried up in the 2nd half as exhaustion set in.

Meanwhile, on a night when Flip Saunders was quoted something to the effect that he doesn't want 3s to be a major part of Wiggins' game, the Blazers showed why having multiple guys who can space the floor makes for good offense. They were able to get the Wolves defense scrambling almost at will, and with shooters arrayed around the arc, it led to desperation close-outs and open lanes to the rim. The difference in spacing between these two teams could not have been more obvious.

Also obvious is the Wolves complete inability to defend in the paint. Constant over help and confusion on the pick and roll led to easy dunks and layups for the Blazers bigs. Robin Lopez went 7-8 from the floor and finished with 18 points, a line you won't see very often from him. Combined with yet another night of getting clubbed on the boards, and you have a perfect distillation of Timberwolves basketball.

David will have a much needed dose of Thursday Therapy tomorrow.

For now, that's it.