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Timberwolves Weekly Story Roundup

A few stories in Wolvesdom that caught my eye this week.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

William Bohl at A Wolf Among Wolves made an argument that it's time for the Wolves to re-brand with new uniform design, logos, and even a new floor design. I agree; the current look is utterly stale, and there is much in the team's aesthetic past that could be used as a template for a new look.

He references Jonah Steinmeyer's work from earlier this season over at Howlin' T-Wolf that envisioned new a new logo and court design that I think would be a big improvement; if you missed it the first time around, you should check it out now.

Over at Punch-Drunk Wolves, the boys had a guest writer who wrote three excellent pieces on the three first round prospects from Duke. A little homery, but a lot of good information that's worth reading.

Here's the AP story (via about Wiggins winning Rookie of the Year.  What I like about this one is:

"I hope I'm here forever."--Andrew Wiggins

Finally, a Lynx (sort of) story. Chicago Sky center and multiple All-Star Sylvia Fowles is out of contract with the Sky and wants a trade, apparently to the Lynx. She has told the Sky that she won't play for them. The WNBA rules (which I'm not entirely clear on) don't make her a free agent--the Sky still hold her WNBA rights, so a trade is required to make this happen.

This, in a word, would be awesome. Fowles fits in perfectly with the Lynx needs: a post presence who can score and rebound, at the end of her prime. It would set the Lynx up for another title run (or two!). The problem is...what do they have to give Chicago? They won't trade their core pieces, none of whom (outside the obviously untouchable Maya Moore) would be of great interest to Chicago anyway, as they are an aging group. None of their few young players have particularly impressed enough to entice the Sky, and they aren't likely to have a valuable draft pick to move in the near future.

So we'll see.