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Timberwolves Weekly Story Roundup

The stories that have caught my eye this week.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As we talked about yesterday, Nemanja Bjelica, whose NBA rights the Timberwolves hold, was named the Euroleague MVP. His Fenerbahce Ulker team plays Real Madrid at 2:00 pm today on ESPN3 in the semifinals. You can read about the award here.

Unfortunately, Feberbahce lost their semifinal to Real Madrid today, 96-87. For reasons unclear but perhaps having to do with a recent groin injury, Bjelica did not start the game, though he did play significant minutes. He really never fired, however, finishing with 11 points and five rebounds. You can read about the game here.

As the NBA draft combine continues, you should be checking in with Draft Express regularly for updates on who looks good doing what, measurements, and all that other good stuff as we get ready for next week's lottery and next month's draft.

Also from the combine is the Wolves own Kyle Ratke, who is filing reports from the scene, and particularly which players he's had a chance to talk with. Some good stuff here and more to come, if Kyle is to be believed.

Finally, you can check out the new Wolves and Lynx practice facility, now known as Mayo Clinic Square, here. It should be a major step up from the Lifetime Fitness center with big curtains. The Lynx get started there with their training camp opening on Sunday.