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NBA Playoffs: Hawks at Wizards, Warriors at Grizzlies

Two more game sixes in the NBA playoffs tonight, which means two more series could come to an end. Or not.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Hawks at Wizards
6:00 pm CDT 

This has not been a particularly enjoyable series to watch, but the Hawks will look to close out the Wizards in game six on the road tonight. They got a potentially season saving rebound and put-back by Al Horford following Paul Pierce's go-ahead three pointer to win game five, and now have two chances to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals. They looked dead at certain points in game five, including down seven late, but a monster three by Kyle Korver got them back in the game, and they got the big home win despite still not looking anything like they did over the first 2/3rds of the season.

The Wizards got John Wall back, broken hand and all, for game five, and he was spectacular under the circumstances. helping control the action at both ends of the floor. They will need another big game from him tonight. Meanwhile Bradley Beal is looking aggressive and effective in the playoffs, and his shot making is essential to the Wizards success. Paul Pierce has also been awesome, but his shout of "SERIES" at the Hawks bench when he made his big three pointer in game five was just a bit too soon.

I'd like to see the Wizards look inside a little bit more. Marcin Gortat is shooting 56% from the field in the series, but getting fewer than nine shots a game.

Warriors at Grizzlies
8:30 pm CDT

After falling behind in the series 2-1, the Warriors have dominated the last two games, showing off their often unstoppable offense while stifling the Grizzlies attempts to score. Stephen Curry has once again emerged as the MVP that he is, and the Grizzlies have looked to be without an answer. Tony Allen returns tonight from his hamstring problem, but likely won't be 100%, and the Grizzlies must re-find their offense to have a chance to push this to seven.

It does reach a point with this Warriors team where the best you can hope for is that they just have an off shooting night; the Grizzlies do a good job defensively--about as good as anyone--but still look helpless at times against the onslaught.

I love Memphis, how hard they play, how loud their building is, and I hope they can find a way to give us a 7th game. But we all have recency bias, and man the Warriors have looked good recently.