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NBA Lottery Day: How Is Your Blood Pressure?

Rumors really start heating up today, and it leads to a lot of agita concerning Ricky Rubio.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In truth, I'm not against agita, but Wolves fans have been so beaten down over the years that rumors begin to feel inevitable, and sensitivities run high. Lottery day...not good for your blood pressure.

Here is today's, from Chad Ford in an ESPN chat:

If they go to fourth, I think they take Emmanuel Mudiay and explore trading Ricky Rubio (his camp has been pushing for a trade for a while) or break outside the consensus Top 4 and take Kristaps Porzingis.

Of course...that doesn't sound good.

Darren Wolfson later said that his "camp" has been much quieter since he signed his extension, which raises another question about his "camp," which seems to be extensive and sometimes at odds with each other (and I doubt Dan Fegan has EVER wanted a client in Minnesota, which, well, I can't blame him).

Ultimately, no fan base likes to hear that a player doesn't want to play for them, though realistically Wolves fans must realize that we are at or near the bottom of just about anyone's wish list.

That said...this line from Ford is nonsensical. Regardless of what Rubio or his "camp" say, think, or want, Rubio signed a four year contract extension last fall that kicks in this season. He chose to do so, with some reports saying it was against the advice of Fegan.

Ultimately, his short and medium term future will be determined by Flip Saunders. It is Flip's view of Rubio that will determine whether he remains a Wolf for the next few seasons; having agreed to an extension Rubio gave up his earliest chance to hit the market in exchange for four years of guaranteed salary.

Now, as I've said elsewhere, it wouldn't shock me if he winds up moved at some point in the next 24 months or so, depending on what this draft winds up looking like, and how Flip rates him going forward, but it isn't going to be a case of Rubio "forcing" his way out. He has no way of doing that.

Which means Chad Ford's throwaway line is just that.

Relax. Ping pong balls are coming.