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Five Timberwolves Stories This Week

Five stories that caught my eye from the past week.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

This week's big news in Wolvesdom was of course the draft lottery. We won! A bunch of good stories followed:

At the Cauldron, Jonathan Tjarks made a great argument in favor of Karl-Anthony Towns being the pick for the Wolves. His arguments surround Towns' defensive abilities and the fit with the perimeter guys already in place with the Wolves. It's a well done piece that is worth a read.

For the opposite view, advocating for Jahlil Okafor, go read our friends over at Punch-Drunk Wolves. Those guys are always really smart, even when (maybe especially when) I disagree with them. They are appropriately cautious in their opinion, which I think speaks to the potential difficulties inherent in the choice.

Meanwhile, Zach Lowe was at the ping-pong ball drawing itself, sequestered with team and league officials and a few other journalists, and he wrote it up for Grantland. He reports that the Wolves representative, Brad Ruiter, a Minnesota native and the team's VP of Communications, brought the birth certificates of his two children for good luck.

At the same time, the rest of the Grantland basketball crew was live blogging the televised lottery event, which had some funny lines.

Finally, the reaction of Wolves fans, and especially the front office personnel was documented and is available to watch at Pro Basketball Talk. Flip gets pretty excited.