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Timberwolves Weekly Story Roundup

A few stories that caught my eye this week.

The draft remains at the forefront of most Wolves fans minds, and with that:

Jordan Foley wrote a very interesting piece at Vantage Sports comparing Karl Towns to Jahlil Okafor, with some interesting and off the beaten path conclusions, such as praising Towns' post game over Okafor's, while appreciating Okafor's help defense acumen.  It's worth a read for a different perspective.

Meanwhile, a couple of good stories over at Draft Express: one a summary of various statistical draft analyses, featuring our friend Layne Vashro. Lots of good stuff over there. Looks like there are a couple of guys who will last into the mid- to late first round that will be good values. Check it out.

Also, there is a breakdown of the best three point shooters in the draft, taking a look at various stats that inform what we can expect from shooters at the next level, including 3PA frequency and free throw shooting. Some of the names will be familiar: D'Angelo Russell, Mario Hezonja, while others will not be, like Tyler Harvey and Corey Hawkins. Finding a guy who can shoot it while having enough else to stay on the NBA court is something the Wolves could really use.

Meanwhile, Chicago has parted ways with coach Tom Thibodeau long after the relationship between him and the front office had become acrimonious. Kelly Dwyer writes about it at Yahoo Sports, and goes through some of the problems in the relationship as well as Thibodeau's strengths and weaknesses. I'd certainly endorse the Wolves going after him as unlikely as that is.

Yesterday was Minnesota Lynx Media Day; all the stuff is at the Lynx website. They have one more preseason game--on Monday--before the regular season gets underway on June 5th.