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Fred Hoiberg to Coach Bulls? Fenerbahce Loses Sponsor

Just a bit of weekend notes

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

It appears likely that Fred Hoiberg will be the next coach of the Chicago Bulls, according to multiple reports and this story at ESPN.

Hoiberg reportedly interviewed with the Magic for their head coaching position that eventually went to Scott Skiles; whether he was offered the job or would have taken it is unknown.

Meanwhile, the Wolves, as expected, are showing no indication that they are considering a new coach for the upcoming season; it's been clear that Flip Saunders would keep the job that was supposed to be temporary for at least another year.

Dan Barreiro pushed Saunders a bit on the issue yesterday on the radio, and Flip danced around the issue as he usually does, but made it pretty clear that they wouldn't press to hire Tom Thibodeau either. Thibs was fired by the Bulls earlier in the week after five years of pretty good success.  Among other things, Flip denegrated Thibs' offense, which...well, I won't say, other than that in his first season as head coach, the Bulls moved from 27th to 11th in the league in offensive rating, though they did have trouble scoring over the last couple of seasons.

Elsewhere, Doogie passed on this report:

That actually is pretty big news. We'll see how it plays out.

EDIT: That didn't paste how it was supposed to.  The story is that Feberbahce has lost it's major sponsor, which puts them in something of a financial bind.

Yesterday was, as far as I know, the first Wolves draft workout:

Today's musical birthday is Stephen Malkmus, most famously the front man for Pavement, born in 1966.