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Talking About the Draft With Ed Isaacson

We should start covering the draft.

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Renowned NBA scribe Britt Robson wrote last year that this website is 'the most concentrated nesting ground for Wolves fans who do their homework by knowing and applying advanced analytics to the collegians and overseas amateurs available on draft night.'

The Draft Lottery takes place in Manhattan on May 19, in less than 20 days. If Canis is going to uphold its reputation now is probably a good time for NBA Draft coverage.

And here we are.

For the third time in franchise history, the Minnesota Timberwolves possess the highest odds (25%) of winning the top selection and after finishing the year 16-66, cannot fall outside of the top four slots. The chart below offers detailed odds for each club.


Historically, Minnesota has fared poorly in the lotto despite having the best odds; never owning the No. 1 pick and never improving in draft position. The Wolves ended up with No. 2 in 2011 and dropped to No. 3 in 1992--also seasons in which they finished with NBA's worst record. In terms of plus/minus (pre-lottery position vs. actual draft choice) Minnesota is -15 all-time at the draft lotto.

Flip Saunders made it clear on numerous occasions that in the draft he will select the best player available, regardless of where Minnesota ends up choosing. Considering Minnesota won 16 games last season this is probably a decent way to go about things.

"What you have to do at that point is probably take the best player available, and not be as much concerned with what position he is," Saunders said during his final press conference

Usually teams that have made major mistakes in this league have drafted for position, rather than drafting who the best player was, or someone that was maybe higher on the board but wasn't really the position they wanted. That's how we'll evaluate it.

Ed Isaacson's NBA Draft Blog provides quality scouting reports, as well as intimate exploration of various prospects in the form of player interviews. Yesterday, Isaacson and I spoke about some of the players the Wolves may select in the draft.  Click this link if you're interested in following Isaacson on Twitter.

I reference a few of the models Layne has on his website, linked here.

Look for more coverage of the NBA Draft from this website over the next few weeks.