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Thursday Therapy: Wolves in the Offseason

This morning's Therapy investigates: what do our Wolves do with their offseason (and proceed to document on social media)? Also: the second round of the playoffs is starting to get fun.

"I've literally caught and reeled in a shark larger than you are. Good luck getting past me."
"I've literally caught and reeled in a shark larger than you are. Good luck getting past me."
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, and welcome to the Therapy couch. We're in the awkward season in Timberwolves fan land between the end of the regular season and the draft lottery where we've all run Chad Ford's lottery simulator several hundred times, have talked ourselves into (and out of) any pick in the top four, and are enjoying the playoffs. The regular season's been done for three weeks now. What are the Wolves doing with their time?

Zach LaVine

Zach has learned a bit about the perils of correct phrasing on social media. You'll note the difference between the text of the below tweet and the caption on the linked Instagram photo.

Not much more needs to be clarified about that. The beach in Hawaii looks nice, though.

Adreian Payne

Adreian, to hopefully the delight of many around here, has been spending his offseason...playing basketball. The subtle irony of the long twos in the attached video is not lost on me.

Ricky Rubio

Ricky, has he tends to be, is full of inspirational quotes and has been nothing but positive, both for himself and others.

He's done work with the Special Olympics of Minnesota.

And he, like us, has watched a lot of basketball, with a special eye on some former teammates.

Andrew Wiggins

The newly crowned Rookie of the Year celebrated with some new kicks. Judge for yourself whether you dig them. They are... bright.

Lorenzo Brown

Okay, so this was technically before the offseason, but I'm not passing up a chance to link my favorite Wolves tweet of the last while (and Lo's been pretty boring). This is fantastic work.

Chase Budinger

Yeah, I don't know either.

Robbie Hummel

Wait, he caught a shark the size of Zach LaVine? WHAT? Shut it down, Robbie wins the offseason.


In last night's playoff action, the Cleveland Cavaliers earned a split in their J.R. Smith-less section of their series with the Chicago Bulls with a 106-91 victory. LeBron James led the Cavaliers with 33 points, and brought the headband back. That series, like all the others, is tied 1-1 after the first two games, as the Houston Rockets also managed to beat the Chris Paul-less Los Angeles Clippers 115-109, making a close thing of losing two playoff games to Starting Point Guard Austin Rivers (who has actually been pretty decent). James Harden had 33 points of his own in the Rocket victory.


Song of the day incoming. Get out there and catch yourself a six and a half foot bull shark today.