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Minnesota Lynx Host Young Fan Ariya Smith for Afternoon Practice

Sponsored by Make-A-Wish, one WNBA fan spent her birthday with her favorite basketball team.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the Minnesota Lynx were joined by a very special guest. Fourteen-year-old Ariya Smith visited the Lynx's afternoon practice as a part of the Make-a-Wish program. ESPN also made an appearance at practice to document the event.

According to coach Cheryl Reeve, Maya Moore worked with Make-A-Wish to invite Smith to Minneapolis and participate in team activities.

The Lynx involved Smith with several practice activities, including huddling up with the team and running some drills.

"It's a really special time to connect [Maya and Ariya]," Reeve said after practice. "Ariya's a part of the team."

Moore enjoyed the experience immensely, and she expressed her feelings about giving Smith this type of opportunity:

"The time that we can have just to kind of talk and hang out and get the all-around experience of just having her be a part of something that she's watched from afar and that's watched and appreciated [...]. I'm sure there will be a few moments still to come that will leave an impact on her."

To hear the full sound byte from today's practice and more about Smith's visits, listen here: