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NBA Finals Game Four: Warriors at Cavaliers

The pressure is on Golden State to find a way out of their funk and get a win on the road.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Warriors at Cavs
8:00 pm CDT

Tonight brings pressure to the Warriors, who must find a way out of their current doldrums and get a win on the road, or face a 3-1 deficit in a series that appeared to be theirs for the taking.

The Cavs have ramped up the defensive pressure on Golden State, bringing their free flowing offense to a grinding halt, while LeBron James is absolutely dominating this series. Matthew Dellavedova has been doing a fantastic job guarding Steph Curry, who finally found his range late in game three, but ultimately too late as the Cavs hung on after building a 20 point lead. Two late Curry turnovers sealed things for the Cavs.

Meanwhile James has set a record for most points scored in the first three games of a Finals, and is averaging 41/12/8 over the first three. Yeah, that's pretty good. And necessary, as the Cavs lack other real scoring threats. As the result, they have had to slow things down, which they have done successfully, holding the pace to under 90, which would be slower than any team in the league this season.

It still feels to me like the Warriors will find their groove at some point, but time is running short; it really needs to happen tonight.

Expected lineups


Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson
Harrison Barnes
Draymond Green
Andrew Bogut


Matthew Dellavedova
Iman Shumpert
LeBron James
Tristan Thompson
Timofey Mozgov

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