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NBA Finals Game Five: Cavaliers at Warriors

The teams are back at it in Oakland tonight for game five.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Cavs at Warriors
7:00 pm CDT

The Cavs are at the Warriors for game five of the NBA Finals with the series tied at two games each. The Warriors of course turned things around in game four after struggling through the first three games and got the series even by using a small lineup. They essentially capitulated on the boards, where Cleveland had been dominating anyway, in order get more offense on the floor and have Andre Iguodala on LeBron James from the start. It worked as they finally made some threes (12-30), though they were still unable to get the pace up to where they want it. Still, 2-2 and at home tonight should have the Warriors feeling pretty good.

Expected Lineups


Matthew Dellavedova
Iman Shumpert
LeBron James
Tristan Thompson
Timofey Mozgov


Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson
Andre Iguodala
Harrison Barnes
Draymond Green

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