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Thursday Therapy: One Week Left; Lynx In San Antonio

We've almost made it. One more week of Towns vs. Okafor. One more week of maybe it should be Russell. One more week of seeing how far Porzingis rises. Also: Lynx in action in San Antonio!

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Good morning, and welcome to the Therapy couch. News and notes to bring you peace and joy this morning:

  • NBA Draft: As noted above, the one and only NBA Draft is a week from tonight in Brooklyn. As I have seen several media voices say on Twitter the last few days, now is the time when every team lies as much as possible. Believe nothing. It's also the time when, behind the scenes, the serious business starts to happen. Jahlil Okafor was in the Twin Cities yesterday for his workout, D'Angelo Russell is expected by week's end (so tomorrow?) and Karl-Anthony Towns "soon", I believe this weekend. For an in-depth look at these three gentlemen, widely discussed as the names in play for the #1 overall pick, Grantland has an extensive look at all three through the eyes of pro scouts up this morning, which is well worth a read. Also: stop reading this right now and go read Key's piece on Towns.
  • The New Facility: You may have heard and seen the construction happening near Target Center on the Wolves and Lynx's new office area. Well, it's done, and the grand unveiling was yesterday. For more details and a video of the new setting, check out John's excellently done piece live from the ceremony yesterday. I believe he's still taking Q&A in the comments about any thoughts you may have. Commissioner Adam Silver came essentially straight from the trophy presentation in Cleveland to speak at the ceremony, and said many very nice things about the new digs.
  • Not Really News But Notable: This is shocking to literally no one, but it's in writing straight from the man who signs the paychecks:
  • Oh Canada: Vegas Summer League may be the next basketball event on the Wolves' mind, but during that same week, preliminary rounds for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto begin (schedule here). Last we heard from Andrew Wiggins, he would "decide as it gets closer and closer" whether or not he would play for Team Canada at the event. It's now under a month away, so I expect more news on this front about Wiggins (and maybe Anthony Bennett, but that feels like an outside shot) should be coming.
  • Actual Basketball: But remember, you don't have to wait until to July to watch not only professional basketball, but actually good professional basketball. The Minnesota Lynx, who have opened the season 4-1 and may have started to find their groove in their last win over the Los Angeles Sparks, are in action in San Antonio tonight against the Stars, who are winless to start the year. The game is not televised locally but is available via the WNBA's streaming service, and can be caught on the Lynx Radio Network.
  • Music: I feel like there's only one option I can do here. Happy Thursday, everyone.