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Hoiberg to Bulls, Lynx Win Pre-season Finale, Towns Works Out

Fred Hoiberg is the new coach of the Chicago Bulls, which means he isn't the coach of the Timberwolves. The media got a look at Karl-Anthony Towns in L.A. yesterday, and the home fans got a look at the Minnesota Lynx.

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Fred Hoiberg completed a reported 5 year, $25M contract to coach the Chicago Bulls yesterday, so the dream of Hoiberg prowling the sidelines at Target Center is dead. That contract is similar to the deal Steve Kerr signed last year to coach the Warriors, and significantly more than Alvin Gentry got from the Pelicans.

It appears that will be it for coaching changes this summer--the Thunder, Magic, Pelicans, and Bulls. Do I have them all? Two playoff teams and only two of the 14 non-playoff teams made changes.

The Lynx finished up their pre-season schedule last night with an 85-80 win at Target Center last night over the Liberty. It appears to have taken a very familiar shape from last season, as the Lynx got out to a big lead early, only to see it dissipate, and they were forced to come up with big plays late to get the win. Lindsey was there and wrote about it.

The Lynx begin their regular season on Friday at home against the Tulsa Shock.

Karl-Anthony Towns held a workout that was open to the press yesterday, and inevitably the tweets coming out of the event were filled with superlatives. He apparently showed off his 1-on-none skills, particularly from the perimeter. I have consistently expressed my disdain for taking anything from these individual workouts, and I won't be a hypocrite now: it's all pretty meaningless in my view. He did conduct an interview with Draft Express, in which he sounded like a pretty intelligent guy:

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It does sound like he may work out for the Wolves at some point.

Today in history

455: Vandals sack Rome
1763: Pontiac's Rebellion at what is now Mackinaw City, MI. 
1835: P.T. Barnum's circus begin first U.S. tour
1875: Alexander Bell makes his first sound transmission
1896: Marconi applies for patent for radio
1952: 650K metal workers go on strike in U.S. 
1989: Showdown between students and soldiers at Tiananmen Square 
1997: Timothy McVeigh found guilty of OKC bombing

Today's musical birthday is Dez Cadena, punk rock singer and guitarist for Black Flag and The Misfits, among others, born in 1961.

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