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Karl-Anthony Towns in Twin Cities

The big man was seen at the airport and then later with Flip Saunders on Hennepin Avenue.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Karl-Anthony Towns arrived in Minneapolis yesterday to meet with the Timberwolves ahead of next week's draft. This follows visits by Jahlil Okafor and D'Angelo Russell, so the Wolves will have met with all three of the top guys in the draft in the Cities, while also seeing Kristaps Porzingis in Las Vegas last week.

The signs are continuing to build that Towns will be the choice for the Wolves on Thursday.  It was reported yesterday that Towns has not agreed to work out for the Lakers, who hold the 2nd pick, and the Lakers are pessimistic that he will do so before the draft. That suggests that he is confident the Wolves will take him first overall, which is great news.

Also in that article it mentions that the Lakers and Celtics (27 and 28) are looking to move their late first rounders, perhaps to move into the unguaranteed 2nd round. We've talked a lot about the Wolves moving back into the first round, though those are fairly late picks and it might not be worth it. Still, if the are targeting a specific player, it might make sense on draft night if the Lakers pick comes around and that guy is still on the board. I'm thinking about a guy like Delon Wright here, though others (Rashad Vaughn?) might fit the bill as well.

What else?

The Women's World Cup resumes today with the knockout stages. Germany against Sweden (3:00 pm CDT) is the big match, pitting two of the top five teams in the world against each other, followed by China against Cameroon, which features my favorite player in the tournament so far, Gabrielle Onguene.

The U.S. plays Colombia on Monday.

Eater Minneapolis did a review of the top ten barbeque joints in the Twin Cities. Agree? Disagree? I wish I had 10 places to choose from in Madison.

If you see Karl Towns, make sure to let us know.

That's all for a Saturday. Enjoy your weekend.