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LaVine and Rubio on SportsNation Today

The Wolves backcourt of the future joined SportsNation today on ESPN2. I laughed.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Zach LaVine and Ricky Rubio were on SportsNation this afternoon, televised on ESPN2. I turned it on after LaVine talked about the dunk contest, his offseason training, and more.

But I didn't miss this part...

Then, Rubio joined the set for a segment called "Explain Yourself Ricky Rubio." I loved every second of it. The Spanish Unicorn is honest and always authentic. Never change, Ricky. I didn't capture the video, but Rubio essentially says Towns is the guy for the Wolves. That was nice to hear and only adds to the growing certainty that Saunders has changed his mind, rightfully so, and will select the Big Kat #1 overall on Thursday.

Good times.

Ricky is not a Belieber. Shout-out to Brad Miller!

Then, they talked about Rubio live-tweeting the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, right before bringing up the James Harden crossover that Rubio has received tons of flak for.

To conclude, Rubio and LaVine joined each other as Flippy Cup teammates facing off against Michelle Beadle and Max Kellerman. No surprises, our Wolves backcourt won as Rubio hit a clutch shot in the final seconds to seal the win (I'm not really serious, but I've always wanted to write stuff like this).