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Timberwolves Discussing Anthony Bennett Trade with Celtics?

According to a report they are.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

From an SI writer:

(Ed. Note: the Wolves own picks #31 and #36, not #38)

I have to say, I have mixed feelings about this. Seems like a stiff price to pay to move up 3 spots (and the guaranteed contract that comes with it).

I'm no Bennett fan, and there is certainly value in roster spots, but should the Wolves be that desperate to unload Bennett? They should operate like an over the cap team anyway this summer, and while I don't want to pay AB $5.8M either, at a certain point it doesn't matter too much.

Bennett also of course has a team option for 2016-17 for $7.3M, which has to be exercised (or declined) by October 31st of this year, a decision it's clear Flip Saunders does not want to make.

To an extent it depends on who is there at 28. If Delon Wright is still sitting there, this sort of deal becomes more appealing certainly. It just seems to me that the Wolves could do better.

What say you?