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NBA Draft: Timberwolves Are on the Clock

It's finally here. The NBA Draft is upon us.

The Wolves are on the clock!  The NBA draft is here, and the Wolves are expected to make the first selection at about 6:40 CDT, at which point Commissioner and King of All Bald Men Adam Silver will announce Karl-Anthony Towns as the newest Timberwolf and hopefully the harbinger of a new, successful era of Timberwolves basketball.

We've talked almost non-stop about this for the last month since the draft lottery, and now its here. Enjoy it.

Then start worrying about what else the Wolves might do with the two second rounders that are in their possession.

What really matters, however, is who has the best suit? So talk about that in comments.

As soon as the pick is official, there will be a new thread up. When something next happens, whether it be a trade or the 31st pick, we'll have that covered too.

Enjoy the draft everyone.