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NBA Free Agency Free For All

The crazy season starts tonight at 11:00 pm CDT.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The craziest few days on the NBA calendar start tonight at 11:00 pm CDT when teams can start getting in touch with free agents and negotiating deals. Signings cannot become official until after the moratorium on July 9th, but a ton of business will get done in the next few days.

Very little of it will involve the Wolves, whose roster is close to set. They will reach an agreement with Kevin Garnett to bring him back. They look likely to complete a deal with Nemanja Bjelica to bring him to the NBA from Turkey. Robbie Hummel has a qualifying offer from the Wolves and will probably look to see if he can find a multi-year offer sheet for the Wolves to decide whether to match or not.

There are a bunch of big names out there that might change teams, however. LaMarcus Aldridge is scheduled to meet with just about everybody. DeAndre Jordan could leave the Clippers. Greg Monroe will get a lot of attention.

Jimmy Butler looks likely to stay with the Bulls, and I'd be shocked if Dwyane Wade left the Heat, but crazier things have happened.

And those are just a few of the names in a massive free agent class.

Teams will also discuss sign and trades, which can be very difficult to complete, and will also be looking to unload contracts to clear cap space.

All of this is in front of the back drop of a cap that is going to rise astronomically a year from now, making decisions that much more interesting. Teams will want to lock guys up as long as possible under the current cap, while players might be looking for shorter contracts than usual so they can get back to the market sooner.

Let's talk about the rumors that will no doubt be flying around the internet in comments below.

It's going to be fun.