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Canis Hoopus Over Under Contest Results

We all tried our hands at predictions this fall. How did we do?

We all knew this wasn't going to work.
We all knew this wasn't going to work.
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As is fast becoming an annual tradition here at Canis Hoopus, many of the commenters tried their hands at predicting NBA overs and unders before the season. I am happy to report that the hivemind, despite foolish optimism regarding the success of the Wolves, finished in the black for the second time in three years. Of a total $5700 in fake money "wagered", $3335 was placed on winning bets, with only $2365 placed on losing bets. This includes a whopping 12 users whose bets were 100% successful!

After applying the tiebreaker, which for this contest was the number of successful wagers, there were two users who placed 4 successful, and 0 unsuccessful, wagers. So, congratulations to the co-champions of the 2015 Canis Hoopus Over/Under Contest, Joel Hernandez and Nate in St. Paul! Joel bet under on the Lakers, Magic, and Suns, "under on the Lakers" being the equivalent of free money in this contest, and over on the Bucks, one of the year's biggest surprises. Nate also demonstrated the value of pessimism, taking the under on the Lakers, Suns, and Our Beloved Pups, while only choosing the over on the Hawks.

This is in honor of Joel, who I understand is a Mets fan.

10 other users also reached perfection. McCleak and rickyp placed three correct bets, agbaby and 7goda were correct on two bets, and michael.vinters, simsypoo, Getting Started To Just A Forehead, TheH, Airete, and twolf811 all batted 1 for 1. Too many users to mention came close to perfection, missing on only one bet. Among those, mr. eggplant and googoleeoottooooleeoottooooleeeatta placed the most bets, hitting on five out of six, only missing on "San Antonio Over" and "Portland Under", respectively. Finally, I would like to mention Wul.f, bikelaine, Imyourhuckleberry, and Suspicious Sal. Each of these users placed four out of five correct bets, only failing to win the contest because of an "over" bet on the Wolves. Of course, the amount of fake money placed on the Wolves varied widely between these users, from $5 by Wul.f to $96 by Sal.

Again, here is the link to the predictions. How did you do? What did you learn?

This is in honor of Nate. (This is the climax to Aguirre, The Wrath of God, a film by Werner Herzog.)