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NBA Africa Game

The Africa team takes on the World Team from Johannesburg.

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Wake up. I SAID WAKE UP!

Team Africa vs. Team World
8:00 am CDT

An open thread! For a basketball game!

The first ever NBA Africa game takes place in Johannesburg this morning on ESPN, and features a Team Africa made up of NBA players who are  first and second generation African, vs. a World team made up of stars from the rest of the world.

This follows several days of NBA and Basketball Without Borders events, such as basketball camps for kids and other activities.

The African team features, of course, our own Gorgui Dieng, along with other stars like Serge Ibaka and Luol Deng. The problem for them is they lack a point guard and very much three point shooting.

Team World is somewhat better balanced, with Chris Paul, the Gasol brothers, and others,

Chat about the game here.