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Timberwolves Announce 2015-16 Schedule

Hey guess what? The Wolves will play 82 games this season, with a full half of them at home.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015-16 NBA schedule has been released, and the Wolves are, in fact, on it.

The season begins on October 27th with a TNT double-header: Bulls vs. Cavaliers and Warriors vs. Pelicans.

The Wolves open the following night in Los Angeles against the Lakers.  A rare road opener for the Wolves, and a rare national television game--part of an ESPN double-header. Two nights later they play in Denver, followed by their home opener on November 2nd vs. the Blazers.

Quick notes:

  • Longest road trip is 4 games, which happens twice: end of January/beginning February, then again in mid-March.
  • Also have two 4 game home stands.
  • Only play the Warriors three times, twice at home.
  • The 4 game road trip in mid-March is rough: Thunder, Suns, Grizzlies, Rockets, and it's bookended by home games vs. Spurs before the trip and Warriors right after.  Toughest 6 game stretch of the season.
  • Not a brutal first month--some tough games obviously, but they need to get off to a decent start. Bunch of Eastern Conference teams early, and they finish with both Miami and Atlanta before the end of November.
  • I count 13 back to backs, which is less than previous years. How it compares to the rest of the league I don't know.
  • Season ends with two home games vs. Rockets and Pelicans, with April 13th being the final date on regular season schedule.
  • It's a schedule. More to come.
EDIT: You can see the whole thing here.

Christmas Day games: