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Thursday Therapy: Lynx Lose, Wolves Marinate

It's August. The NBA news is few and far between.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to your weekly dose of Therapy. Today, most of my news has already been written by another of our site's fabulous writers:

  • Lindsey has a writeup of last night's slightly embarrassing 79-61 Lynx loss to the Washington Mystics, the Lynx's worst loss since a 22 point defeat to the Los Angeles Sparks on August 4 and their second worst defeat of the season. However, the playoff picture still looks good:

...but not as good as we thought (via Coach Reeve).

  • Wolves: not much. It's August, they basically have a roster, and players are relegated to appearing on commercials and late night TV (which, to be fair, is pretty cool).
  • Other thing updates, because this is what I do: the League of Legends North American  League Championship is at Madison Square Garden between two of the oldest esports organizations in North America: Team Solo Mid (TSM) and Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) on Sunday at around 3:00pm CDT (after the conclusion of the European championship.

The games will be streamed on Twitch on Sunday, check them out if you'd like to see some excitement of a new variety. My (biased) money is on CLG in 4 (best of 5).

  • More other thing updates: lots of cricket! The last Test match of the Ashes is taking place RIGHT NOW from London (England have clinched the series and hold a 3-1 lead), and the first day of the second Test of India-Sri Lanka has likely just finished (Sri Lanka leads the three Test series 1-0). Check it out!
Your music of the day, as often happens, comes from a video game, specifically Final Fantasy X. Enjoy, and happy Thursday.