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Wednesday Open Thread: Trending at Midnight

What's trending on Twitter at midnight, and will you care about any of these topics when you read this?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Canis Hoopus.

It's currently midnight and there is not much to talk about for my usual Morning Pickup post. As you know, NBA news is slow in August. Right now, I could write about Karl-Anthony Towns signing with Nike (boring) or Andrew Wiggins taking photos with another Canadian superstar athlete, Connor McDavid (also boring).

I could link to the most recent post by our blogging buddies over at Punch Drunk Wolves and give my full rebuttal, but I agreed with almost everything Andy wrote.

Instead, let's try something different for a change. Here are some trending topics on my timeline at the moment and my instant reaction in 140 characters or less. Maybe you will want to chat about some of these topics, maybe you won't, that's completely up to you.

What's trending at midnight?


The First Official 'Deadpool' Trailer Is Finally Here

Instant reaction: I have no idea what Deadpool is. Oh, I see now, another Marvel movie. Ryan Reynolds has done some awful films over the last five years.


Instant reaction: I see @midnight has reached trending status with their hashtag of the night, yet again. 35,000 tweets about this trend. That's a lot.

Dante Exum

Report: Jazz 'Fear' Exum Tore ACL

Instant reaction: Terrible news for the Jazz. Exum was one of four rookies (Wiggins, Mirotic and Payton) who played in all 82 games last season.

Kevin Seraphin

Knicks sign Kevin Seraphin to 1-year, $2.8M deal

Instant reaction: Seems like pretty decent value for a backup center, though he's posted a very unspectacular .046 career WS/48.

Jake Arrieta

Joe Maddon seeks more greatness from Jake Arrieta

Instant reaction: I'm an avid fantasy baseball player and didn't realize Arrieta had been pitching so well. Last 9 starts: 6-1, 1.37 ERA. Maddon wants more?

Enjoy your Wednesday.