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Thursday Therapy: A Sprinkling of August

Much like John yesterday, I am woefully short of writing ideas.

"Is that a meteor?"
"Is that a meteor?"
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a thread for your Thursday in the dog days of August. Random news and notes from across the wide world of sports and the like that I pay attention to:

  • In the world of cricket, which I've been known to track before, the Ashes are in progress in England between England and Australia, an old, fierce rivalry. The fourth test started today, with England up 2-1, and they have utterly demoralized Australia already this morning, bowling them out for 60 within 19 overs. It's streaming on WatchESPN if you'd like to give it an eye.
  • In the world of eSports, the International, the most lucrative tournament in eSports, is underway in Seattle featuring DOTA 2. My preferred game to watch, League of Legends, starts playoffs both in Europe and North America this weekend. All of the above are streamed live and free on Twitch, and could be quite interesting.
  • In the world of Timberwolves basketball, much more relevant to most of our interests, I was scrolling my timeline for writing ideas and noticed this conversation between Darren Wolfson and our neighborhood Zach Bennett (conversation abbreviated slightly):

State your numbers and place your bets here so that we can make fun of you in April. Two months before meaningful basketball is the time to place your markers.

  • Also from the twitterverse yesterday, a nice video from ESPN with Karl-Anthony Towns.
  • Lastly, in the business of other Minnesota sports teams, our own Lindsey Young has been doing sterling work at Vikings training camp this week. Her latest piece is here:

Some music for the road: been on a Shinedown kick the last couple of days. If you enjoy that variety of music and haven't checked out their live album, Somewhere in the Stratosphere, the half that's an acoustic show recorded in Kansas City is likely my favorite live album out there. Enjoy, and happy Thursday.