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Eurobasket Continues, Lynx Prepare for Playoffs

A little of this and that to start your Tuesday.

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Not too much going on as we await the start of training camp and a new season, but a few dribs and drabs for you.

Serbia continues it's Eurobasket tournament tomorrow against the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals with Nemanja Bjelica leading the way. He's averaging 15 and 7 in about 26 minutes a game, shooting over 70% on two pointers and nearly 40% on threes. In the Department of You've Got to be Kidding Me, Miroslav Raduljica has emerged as a major scoring force in the low post for Serbs, going for 27 against Finland in their last game, which followed 14 and 20 point performances in their final two group games.

The Lynx get the playoffs underway against the Sparks at Target Center on Friday--we'll have it covered. A big question for the Lynx is who will be (or won't be) fully healthy and ready to go for the post-season. More on the Lynx later in the week.

Elsewhere in the NBA:

  • The Lakers signed Robert Upshaw to a contract for multiple years, though how much is guaranteed is unclear. He'll have a chance to fight for a roster spot in training camp, I would assume.
  • The D-League is poised for expansion, though I wouldn't expect a Wolves franchise next season, when a couple of new teams (perhaps the Hawks and Hornets) will probably start their own affiliates. Eventually we will probably get to 30 teams in the D-League, but it will take a while. Unfortunately.
  • I assume that Markieff Morris eventually reports to training camp with the Suns and things get smoothed over somewhat, but right now he's the only Sun not at voluntary workouts, so we'll see how that develops.
Today in history

608: Bonface IV begins his reign as Pope
1514: Thomas Wolsey named Archbishop of York
1620: Mayflower departs Plymouth, England
1812: Napoleon and his French army reach Moscow
1821: Several countries in Central America (Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua) gain independence. 
1835: Darwin and the HMS Beagle reach the Galapagos Islands
1904: Wilbur Wright makes his first airplane flight
1917: Russia declares itself a republic
1928: Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillin 
1935: Nuremberg Laws deny German Jews citizenship
1938: British PM Chamberlain meets with Hitler
1950: U.S. troops arrive in Korea

Today's musical birthday is Gary Miller, aka Dr. Know, guitarist for the seminal punk band Bad Brains. He was born in 1958.

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